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Welcome to the Library of the Greek community of Berlin. The operation of the library is based entirely on the action of the Volunteer group of the EAV and is currently in a phase of trial operation. If you want to contribute, join the volunteer team.

For any information do not hesitate to contact us at or during the library opening hours via Skype at live: biblioekb or Bibliothek HGB library.

The library can be implemented thanks to the tireless efforts, the financial and material support of volunteers and non (alphabetically):

  • Alexandros Pagotakis
  • Anastasia Pastali
  • Veta Popavos (Alexandria Municipal Library)
  • Giouela Kapoulani
  • Giorgos Korakianiitis
  • Eleana Athanasiadou
  • Eleftheria Tsiarta
  • Thalis
  • Ioanna Kryonas
  • Ionia
  • Kyriakos Fotiadis
  • Maria Schvenderiki
  • Orestis Korakkianitis
  • Sakis Chatziantoniou
  • Tasos Bassoukos
  • Fanny Vitka

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