Operating regulations

See the Library's operating rules in printable form.


  1. Lending Service
  2. Service and information
  3. Readability Promotion Service
  4. Space Disposal Service
  5. Internet service within the library

1. Lending Service

Right of borrowing can be any one who wishes, after becoming a member of the library.

Member Registration documents

  1. Application (Electronic submission)
  2. Demonstration of police identity/passport

Number of evidence, which can be borrowed at the same time: 2      

Borrowing time: 28 days    

28-Day Renewal: 2 times (on the Internet)

Fines: EUR 2 for each presumption for each week of delay is valid from the first day of the week in which the book was not returned

2. Service and Information Services

Service: The librarian must complete the borrowing process.

Information: The librarian should help the member of the lending library of the Greek Community Berlin to browse the books and give him the appropriate information about which books are available.

3. Readability Promotion Service

The whole responsible library team should promote reading with events, reading clubs etc.

4. Space Disposal Service

Every member of the lending Library of the Hellenic community of Berlin can use the reading area in the library opening hours.

5. Internet use within the library

Each member of the lending library of the Greek community of Berlin can use the Internet via WiFi in the library space. The manager/librarian must provide the required code.

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