Our project entitled "Theaterheimat" consists of the formats theatre players and theatre travel. The content of the project is the artistic approach to the question

"How do we build our ideal country?".

The contemporary Greek play "Ich will ein Land" (I want a country) is edited by Andreas Flourakis in the format of theatre players, on the basis of which a separate play is developed and staged, which is presented with a performance. In the format TheaterReise we will travel to Dresden and study the play "The Birds" by Aristophanes. In addition, we will attend theatrical performances on both formats and take a "look behind the scenes".

Young people aged 13 to 18 with migration and Escape history (newly arrived as well as first, second or third generation) are welcome to participate! The project is open to all nationalities.

Start: 06. February 2019 – 30. June 2019

TheaterReise to Dresden: April 2019

The most important theatre methods we get to know are: narrative and improvisation, "Forum Theater" and invisible theatre by Augusto Boal, "Lift" by Mikhail Marmarinos, music and movement (among others. Body theatre and chorus from the old tragedy and comedy), "passing through" by David Zambrano and dramatization of the text.

The project aims to help young people, who as migrants are often torn between the country of origin and the new homeland without a sense of belonging, to better understand the existing social structures, to strengthen their participation in the new homeland and thus to strengthen their participation in the new homeland. contribute to their improvement.

The theatre educators, Elena Sokratous and Michail Fotopolos, will give young people a closeness to the theatre through creative play in order to strengthen their own identity and social skills.


"To Spiti" Intercultural Women's and Family Centre, Diakoniewerk Simeon gGmbH

Expedition Metropolis Theater e. V.

The project of the Hellenic community in Berlin e. V. "TheaterHeimat" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the funding programme "Culture makes strong – Alliances for Education".

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