As regular members of the Greek community of Berlin, with the right to vote, all adult residents of the greater Berlin and Brandenburg region, who are either Greek citizens or of Greek origin, can register or maintain up to Second-degree co-beard with a Greek or Greek.

Exceptions may become non-regular members, without the right to vote, those who do not meet the above criterion but wish to participate in any of the activities of the community or the clubs of the Hellenic Cultural Centre.

All members without exception have the right to use the facilities and participate in the actions (which concern them).

The annual membership fee is €20 or €10 for students and unemployed.
The payment of the annual Syndormis can be made by bank deposit (physically or electronically in the account: Hellenische Gemeinde zu Berlin e.V., Postbank KontoNr.: 536885101 BLZ: 10010010) or via Paypal. In the reason fill in "Membership and your name"

Your registration can be done either at the Community office or by completing the form below.

Supporting documents:

  1. Application (printed in the community or online here)
  2. Identity card or Passport
  3. Certificate of address (e.g. Anmeldung or electricity bill, etc.)
  4. Certificate of deduction, in case you are entitled to a reduced annual subscription (e.g. Student pass, unemployment certificate, etc.)
  5. Proof of payment of an annual subscription (e.g. Proof of transfer of ebanking, PayPal receipt)

When the request is sent successfully, the following confirmation message appears on the screen:
Your registration form was successfully registered. The registration will be completed if we have received all the courts and the annual subscription, to be approved as valid by the BOARD.
If you do not see this message, then the application has not been sent!

If you do not upload (all) the required documents when submitting the application, you can send them by email to or postal address at Hellenische Gemeinde zu Berlin e.V. Mittelstr. 33 Steglitz 12167 Berlin.

In any case to examine your application must submit the application (with at least one contact element), the above documents and pay the annual subscription.

Αίτηση Εγγραφής στην ΕΚΒ

  • Κινητό, τηλέφωνο ή email
  • Αν δεν ανεβάσετε (όλα) τα απαιτούμενα δικαιολογητικά κατά την υποβολή της αίτησης, μπορείτε να τα στείλετε με email στο ή τα ταχυδρομικά στην διεύθυνση Hellenische Gemeinde zu Berlin e.V. Mittelstr. 33 Steglitz 12167 Berlin.




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