Volunteers Group


The group of Volunteers of the Greek community of Berlin was created by people who live and work in Berlin and beyond. The need to create such a group stems from the fact that dozens of young immigrants arrive from Greece every week in search of Germany for better living conditions. We believe that the community should be the host and aid provider of new immigrants. But alongside the help we will provide, we want in the relationship we develop with them to instil the ideas of solidarity and self-organization.

We DO NOT want young immigrants to perceive the community as a charitable service for consumption and from the moment ‘ to do their job ‘ to disappear. We therefore seek the position of charity to establish the solidarity of the workers themselves, the unemployed and the students, who will strive together for a better future for all. At the same time, we are aware of the difficulties faced by someone who comes to a foreign country without knowing the language and who must build something new from scratch, so our approach must be proportionate. The Greek community of Berlin is its members and all the Greeks of the greater Berlin region that can connect through its structures and support each other in so far as everyone can.

Several sub-groups have been set up in the framework of the action of the Volunteer group. Some of them are:

If you need something that our volunteer team can help with (escort, counseling, library, etc.), fill out the form below. We usually need one to five working days to be able to serve each request. If you do not hear from us within five working days send us a message to info@gr-gemeinde.de titled “Unanswered Request“. If you want to join our team, fill in your details in the form below.

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