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Statute of the Greek community of Berlin (in German)

The Greek community of Berlin (EKB) was founded in 1975 as the successor of the Greek community of the decade of 60.

Elect a board of directors every two years and from 1 June 1990, based on the new Statute, its headquarters were transferred to the (Altbau) building of Mittelstr Street. 33, Berlin-Steglitz. EKB is the institution of operation and management of the Greek Cultural centre.

The objectives of the community are to ensure:

  • Reception and assistance of the new migratory current due to a crisis
  • Participation in German society, social conscription, combating racist stereotypes, promoting tolerance and intercultural communication
  • The opportunity to participate and organize cultural-cultural activities such as dances, theatrical groups, courses etc.
  • Networking with other immigrant associations, German bodies related to migration and Greek institutions (church, consulate.


EKB is funded in two ways:

  1. From the German state through the project (Projekt) which implements “participation through empowerment and cooperation in the Greek Cultural centre irrespective of origin”
  2. Through the annual contributions of the members. The annual contribution amounts to 20 euros for workers and 10 euros for children, students, unemployed and pensioners.

Unfortunately, these revenues do not always manage to cover the standing needs of both the community and the cultural Centre, with the result that their survival is being endangered every day. These fixed costs relate to rent, heating, electricity, water, stationery, etc. As well as a part-time job. The Greek state has not contributed in any way to the financial support of the community for years, and so it is now more important than ever for members to contribute through annual contributions and donations.

If you wish to support the community you can do so with a deposit in the details of the following account (Postbank), directly via Paypal or at the community offices. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

Hellenische Gemeinde zu Berlin e.V.
Deutsche Postbank AG
IBAN: DE04100100100536885101

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