Trezoros: The Lost Jews Of Kastoria

On Sunday, 27.01.2019 at 18:00, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Greek Community  hosts “Trezoros: The Lost Jews Of Kastoria“. Alexios Ntetorakis Exarchou, MA student Europäische Geschichte (Humboldt Universität), will introduce us to the subject.

Trezoros” or “Treasures” in Ladino, the language of  Sephardi Jews, who were evicted from Spain in the 15th century. Treasures, like the unique photos and videos of the documentary. Treasures, like the original stories of the survivors of the Holocaust, who take us through the idyllic times in Kastoria to the horrors of the World War II and the Nazi concentration camps.

The directors, Larry Russo and Larry Confino, traveled all the way to Kastoria, Thessaloniki, Athens, Tzur Moshe, Tel Aviv, Miami, Los Angeles and New York to find the survivors and record their memories.

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